Melamine  Foam  Magic Sponge   Eraser

 Multi-functional Home Cleaning Cleaner Pad

How to Use:

Soak sponge in the water, squeeze out water slightly; Rinse the dirty sponge with cold water after use and let it dry. Do not sterilize sponge in hot water or detergent.

Real Home Solutions

  Products characteristics:

  • Without any detergent, water can be easy to stain!
  • Suitable for area wide, suitable for household, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.
  • Strong detergency, general cleaning not clean dirt can easily decontamination.
  • Suitable for clean concave and convex plane, no deep dirt, water, a brush on the net!
  • Easy to use, can cut into the shape of a size as required.
  • With 99.9% natural antibacterial effect.
  • High-tech environmental protection new product from Germany, made up of tiny particles, easy clean stubborn stains. © 2015